About Us

Founded in 2005, Proteligence set out to create strong and lasting relationships with Plans by first developing tools that were simple, powerful, and most of all, relevant to how Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans work. With over 30 years combined experience working for and with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in operations performance, our team at Proteligence has proven that the best tools for the Blues can only be developed by people who truly understand the Blues.

Next, we focused on providing the highest level of dedicated, personalized customer service and support, which would ensure that future growth and success would be based as much on our reputation as it was on our products.

Today, we continue to develop our solutions intelligently and specifically for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans to proactively address the unique challenges Plans face. Today, Proteligence proudly serves over 25 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans across the country with its tools and services.